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Bike Finder Fit

First measure, then improve

After many bike fits and many queries from clients about getting fit coordinates to assist them in buying a new bike, we have recently introduced the Bike Finder Fit.  We've seen too many folks come through our doors that have been on bikes that simply weren't the right size or appropriate for them.  At the same time, prospective new bike buyers are reluctant to spend thousands of dollars on their next bike with just a cursory, "you look like you're about a Medium," bit of expert advice from the local shop employee.  Our Bike Finder Fit ensures that your fit is absolutely perfect before you buy your next bike - information that enables you to find the perfect bike based on your stack & reach fit coordinates and riding style.  It truly is the most foolproof way to avoid that uneasy sense of doubt that you bought the wrong bike.

Our investment in state-of-the-art fitting technology makes this service possible. The Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU) is a virtual bike, and fits entirely based on X/Y coordinates in space, which we then translate into stack and reach numbers.  We can then compare those stack and reach numbers with our database of bicycle frame stack and reach geometries and come up with two to five bike selections that come closest to matching your individual specifications, riding style and price range.  We use both the DFU and our Retul motion capture system to render your fit and body measurements down to 1mm increments.   

Advantages of BIKE FINDER FIT over Traditional Fit Process 

Traditionally, customers come to a bike shop with a couple of bike brands/models in mind. Your measurements are taken to choose the appropriate frame size. Then, the full fit is conducted once the bike is built up and ready for the customer. 

While this is still much better than the local shop employee who just gives you the "eyeball" test by having you standover a bike, the Bike Finder Fit takes it to the next level - providing you with a handful of bikes that will be most optimal for you based on how you ride, not simply your physical dimensions. Once you are riding, numerous other factors come into play such as flexibility, weight, previous medical issues/injuries, cycling goals and general preferred riding style.  

Bike Finder Fit - For Road, Triathlon/TT and All Bicycle Types

The Purely Custom unit, in combination with Retul, allows us to simulate your actual preferred riding position. We make numerous adjustments WHILE YOU ARE PEDALING UNDER LOAD without disembarking the fit bike, to dial in your ideal position. This provides us with two "X-Y" coordinates. One for saddle position and one for handlebar position. Comparing this to each frame's stack and reach specification, we can hone in on the most optimal frames for you, requiring the least amount of saddle, stem and handlebar adjustments to "make it fit." 

At ARB, we are dealers of multiple brands with varying frame sizes and characteristics. This opens up numerous possibilities for finding that ideal bike for you. At the end of the process, we provide each customer with a "New Bike Fit" report. It indicates your ideal "X-Y" coordinates and the 2-5 stock geometry frames that most closely match those "X-Y" coordinates.
Our Bike Finder Fit Session includes:
  1. Personal interview to determine riding style, goals, physical concerns and limitations. 
  2. Physical assessment to determine flexibility of hamstrings, quads and IT bands as well as joint mobility; Evaluation of foot/hip/knee kinetics, structural differences and functional strength.
  3. Check for neutral cleat position.
  4. Comprehensive body analysis using Bio Size™ fit station.
  5. Dynamic testing on the Purely Custom unit using Retül's 3D Motion Capture technology to determine proper positioning. 
  6. Adjust DFU to make the necessary improvements and retest with Retül to compare. Repeat the process as many times as needed to achieve the optimum position.
  7. Receive a Retül-generated report of all the key measurements of your position on the bike, both before and after.
  8. Post fit consultation to discuss preliminary findings of which bike brands/models are the best match for you.
  9. 24-48 hours after fit, client will will receive a Bike Finder Report indicating the 2-5 bikes that are the best match for them, along with fitter comments on each bike.
Cost:  $275 (if new bike is purchased through ARB, the $275 goes towards the purchase price)

Road & All Other Bikes

Triathlon/TT Bikes

Is a Custom Frame the Best Option for You?
The beauty of the Bike Finder Fit is that it reveals the limitations of stock geometry frames.  For some individuals, it becomes clear that a custom frame is the ideal way to go. Fortunately, we work closely with custom frame manufacturer, Mosaic Cycles, should you choose to go that way. Depending on your budget, a custom frame could actually be less expensive than some of the top of the line stock geometry bikes!

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